Origins of Street Names

Origins of Street Names in Barrow upon Soar



Adkins Court

Named after Marjorie Adkins. She was born in Barrow in 1921. Her father ran the local Coop. She and her husband Eric were pupils at Humphrey Perkins School; they were Head Boy and Head Girl. When he was called up they got engaged and were married in four days at Barrow church. They were both teachers in the area and Marjorie was Head at Mountsorrel. They were both very involved in community affairs, Marjorie ran the Town Guild and was involved with the almshouses. They lived at the top of Pawdy Lane. The land the houses are built on used to be the tennis courts for Humphrey Perkins school, hence the street name.

Babington Road

Humphrey Babington was a local benefactor. He left money to build the Old Mens' Hospital in memory of his uncle Theophilus Cave.

The Banks

Where the waste from the lime extraction was put . The children used to play on it.

Barrowcliffe Rd

Near Barrowcliffe House. Named for the cliff behind the Riverside pub

Beaumont Rd.

Named after the Beaumont family who had extensive lands in the village which they got at the enclosure in 1760. They were involved in the building of the Barrow navigation canal in 1795 to transport coal and lime associated with the extensive lime burning industry in Barrow.

Beveridge St.

Named after Bishop Beveridge who was born in the village and became Bishop of St Asaph.This is the oldest street inthe village. It was originally named Back St, then Industry St., perhaps because of the House of Industry or the many frame work knitters who lived and worked in the street.

Branston Ave.

T.A.S.Branston was a Methodist preacher, a county councillor and Chairman of the Parish Council. He was responsible for developing the rose garden which was at the end of Beveridge St before the green and the village sign were put there.

Breachfield Rd.

Named after the farm which was there before the houses were built. It is probably an ancient field name.

Breadcroft Rd.

as Breachfield

Brooker Close

Named after Jack Brooker who had a market garden in the village, first of all where Ribble Drive is now and in Cotes Rd until 2007

Bryan Close

The family was prominent in the village in the 20s and 30s

Cave Rd

Theophilus Cave was a dedicated churchman. There is an interesting memorial to him in Holy Trinity Church and the Old Men's Hospital was endowed by his nephew in memory of him.

Caxton Place

Named after a house which stood nearby. The houses were built by John Perry.

Condon Rd

O.A. Condon was the village butcher and a local worthy.His shop was where the chemists is now.

Cramps Close

A field name?

Crossley Close

He was an engineer with the Midland Railway, and was also a canal builder. He lived in Barrow House, now demolished, and is buried in the Barrow churchyard.

Ellis Close

Named after one of the big employers in the village in Sileby Rd. They made concrete products . The firm still exists but belongs to Lafarge.

Gray's Court

Dr Gray was the village GP for many years. His house and surgery were at the Chestnuts Beveridge St.

High St

The main St in the village. It used to be called Front St


Named after the farm on which the houses were built. Mr. Massey was the farmer in the thirties. Later it was Mr Whittle.

Iliffe's Close

They were farmers and greengrocers. Their shop was on the corner of Cotes Rd and North St where the pub garden is now.

Ilston Gardens

They were a local family. Mr Ilston owned land in Melton Rd which was used for allotments. He was the village carrier.

John Earl Rd

He was the GP in the village from 1963 until his retirement in 1994.

Johnson Close

Johnnie Johnson was a 2nd World War fighter pilot, he was born in Warner St.

Lockwood Road

A common village name. the road was probably named after the butcher in North St.

Marianne Close

Marianne Walker was Senior Mistress and French teacher at Humphrey Perkins School where she worked form 1937-68.She was very involved with the school exchanges with Marans, Barrow's twin town in France.

Martin Avenue

Reflects the association with the Martin family( Mountsorrel quarry and Lord Lieutenant of Leicestershire). The family lived in the lodge, (now the Hunting Lodge) at one time.

Mill Lane

Leading to the gypsum mill by the river.

Newton Close

Can anyone help?

Perkins Close

He was a local builder, he provided the first library in the village and built some of the houses in Martin Ave.

Pingle Nook

Pingle is an ancient word for an enclosed piece of land.

Shirreffs Close

Dr. James Shirreffs was a GP and son in law and partner of Dr Gray.

Shooting Close Lane

It could have been where archery practice was carried out or simply a short cut.

Strancliffe Lane

Where is the cliff?

The Lime Kilns

A reminder of the extensive lime extraction in the village.

Warner St.

Edward Warner, the last Lord of the manor who lived at Quorn Hall and was a solicitor in Loughborough.

Wheatley Close

Roy Wheatley was a long standing member of the Parish Council.

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