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Memories2keep are a home video editing service. We take your unedited video footage and turn it into something special – an edited DVD which can then be watched and enjoyed time and time again.

We all enjoy filming different family occasions but the problem comes when we want to watch the footage again – hours of footage is not easy or enjoyable to watch, so it gets put away and forgotten about.

Do you have hours of unedited home video footage that has never been watched? If so, then we can help you! It doesn't matter if it is an old VHS cassette or a modern memory card from your camera, memories2keep can take whatever footage you give us and turn it into a beautiful memory to keep forever. It can also make a great gift.

We can accept footage in the following formats: Digital 8, Video 8, Hi 8, HDV Tape, Mini DV tape, VHS-C, VHS, USB memory sticks & memory cards.

Examples of our work can be found by clicking this link and if you'd like to read some our our customer reviews, follow this link.

We now also do Microsoft Windows, Data Recovery and Network Attached Storage support, to find out more click this link.  We also do minor Console repair work, Xbox and Playstation 4 hard disk replacement/upgrades and Dual Shock II re-battery, click here for more information, or email us for pricing.

If you would like to get in touch, please either email us or fill out our contacts form.





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