Parish Plan Section C - Action Plans

C. Action Plans

62. The key issues discussed above have been turned into Action Plans in the pages that follow.

63. Each action Plan has the same format:

• The issues are grouped into 24 sets of issues, each with a “main target” and “enabling targets”. Typically, these ask the ‘authorities’ to maintain or improve particular features or services.

• For each enabling target, we offer an opinion as to the timescales in which this should be done. These are loosely defined but note that we think that some should start now – either because they are very important or are relatively easy to do or get started.

• We list the key stakeholders we think should be involved in planning or carrying out each activity. Typically, these are a mix of service providers and village organisations.

• We make recommendations and comments about the actions needed to address these targets. Typically, these express the view that Action Groups should be created to take the recommendations forward. We assume that village people ought to be prominent in running these Action Groups – the principle being that the community should lead the planning of improvements to the village – with the help and advice of the various authorities. We have offers to be involved with many of these Action Groups and some volunteers have been recruited already. We recognise that it may be difficult to get enough volunteers to take-on all these recommendations. We must be pragmatic and do what we can.

64. An important consideration is that ways must be found to plan, monitor, control and motivate follow-ups to this parish Plan. This is the subject matter of Action Plan 24. From comments received to earlier drafts, we know that some people are concerned at the possibility of a “free for all” between the Action Groups. We address this with the recommendations that the Action Groups should be linked to the Parish Council and/or the Community Association (as existing, overarching bodies) and that a Parish Plan Open Forum should be created as a meeting to which all Action Groups and other stakeholders should report.

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