Feather 'n' Fur Pet Supplies

Feather 'n' Fur Pet Supplies

Home of "BABINGTONS" pet feeds


(also, Milk, Eggs, Cold drinks & chocolate bars, Stamps) 
Incorporating "Green Monster Jewellery"
Handmade Silver Jewellery and Lapidary.

We are a family run village store, selling high quality animal foods including our own brand of Hypoallergenic Super Premium dog and cat foods, "Babingtons", at prices considerably lower than the big brand names without compromising on quality.
We have a unique Lamb and Rice dog food that contains "Verm-Ex" an all natural wormer, so you no longer need to chemically blast you dog for worms once a quarter.

We also have a 50% total meat content cereal and grain free range of dog foods, which are based upon  sweet potato, these have rapidly established themselves with our regulars.
Call in for a free sample of our hypoallergenic feed and see why so many of our customers have now  swapped over to our own "Babingtons" feeds. 

"Babingtons" has grown to become our number one selling dog and cat feed, Visla FNF

 We also stock, Burns, Arden Grange, Breeder Pack, Naturediet, Natures Menu, Collards, Forthglade,  Hi-life and many   more with non stocked items available to order.
 Poultry are also catered for with Layers Pellets, Mash and mixed corn available, along with a range of   medications and   treatments.

 A good (and always popular) range of wild bird seeds and feeds, straight seeds, mixed seeds, suet products in a variety of shapes and flavours and dried meal worms, along with a selection of feeders.

 Partners Graeme and Ann setup the business in 2000 and enjoy meeting customers old and new.
 We sell a few basic groceries, milk, locally sourced free range eggs, soups, loo rolls,kitchen towels etc, as well   as chocolate bars (kept in   the chiller), soft drinks and postage stamps.

 Our locally sourced free range eggs, are quick sellers.

Lastly, Graeme is also self taught in silver working and lapidary and makes a variety of jewellery items sold in the shop. We also stock some bought in jewellery and reworked pre-loved items. Repairs and cleaning are also undertaken to some extent , pop in and see if he can help. The handmade jewellery makes a unique gift or treat for yourself.

When time allows Opal is the stone of preference for cutting and polishing,though lately the price of Opal rough has soared and is becoming too expensive to take a gamble on cutting it.

Visit us soon, and see a pet food shop with a twist.

Contact:- Ann & Graeme Fisher

Opening Hours:
Tues, Weds, Thurs, Fri, 9:00am till 6:30pm
Sat 9:00am till 4:00pm
Mon, Sun closed all day

87 Babington Road
Barrow upon Soar
LE12 8NH

Tel. 01509 415594
Email. gpfisher@hotmail.com
Website: http://www.feathernfur.co.uk/


We post our Hypoallergenic dog food all over the country. Take a look at...
Website: www.doggydins.co.uk

Food supplies for domestic pets.
We specialise in high quality dog & cat feeds.

Tracklay Model railway underlay and ballasting.


"Tracklay" & "Babingtons" are  registered Trademarks of G. Fisher.

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