Talking With Ghosts

Talking With Ghosts

The second of the bands Steve works with is' Talking With Ghosts' This group, which attracts a more discerning rock audience, is made up of Steve on drums, Leigh Hornsby on guitar and vocals, Tim Jordon on bass and Mr. John Bean from Sileby on cello. If you'd like to hear some of their original creations go to their ' My Space ' page and listen to 'Of Hera and Dancing' , 'Agape and Magog' and 'Something to Cry About'. The sound is truly distinctive as the lyrics are often complex relating to myths, or the chaos and pain of life all backed by the haunting sound of the cello, so unusual in a rock band.

This group thrives on the challenge of writing their own music as they became bored playing only well known rock covers. ' We were aiming to produce music that would make people sit up and take notice, stuff that people could still dance to yet give an outlet for each member of the band to push the boundaries of their instruments and create atmospheric sounds.' As well as playing festivals each summer the band has developed an acoustic version of their set as an alternative to th eir full set up. As for the name and its origin Steve says, ' Well, you would have to talk to Leigh about that. We think it's based on some sort of theme but as Leigh writes all our material I guess this is something only he can answer, plus we like to keep a little bit of mystery around us, you would need to come to the show and make up your own minds.'

Steve is a very keen advocate of alternative rock and would love the Barrow pubs to put on an 'Originals' Night ' even being happy to help set it up. He says he just loves the music scene, the companionship of bands and of helping young musicians gain confidence playing in front of others. Steve doesn't intend to ever stop until he hits the great gig in the sky!

If you would like to learn more about or book either of these bands please e-mail him at

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