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The Glebe allotments on Nottingham Road are the last remaining allotments in the Barrow parish. Allotments were once numerous on sites such as Hall Orchard School and opposite the terrace houses on Nottingham Road.

There is no water connection present on site which can be a challenge in dry summers.

Water collection proves invaluable in the months of May and June when many plants are establishing and their roots growing ever deeper. Of course, clean tap water is beneficial for seed beds and seedlings.

Good garden husbandry such as digging deep trenches in the autumn and half filling with manure/garden waste then back filling with soil are very helpful. This is especially helpful with pumpkins, beans and peas.


The soil is clay based so prone to drying to a hard crust in summer. Green manures and mulching help retain the water in dry summers. The site has plots in varying levels of cultivation. Two or three of the 32 plots even being fallow. There are in fact fifty plots but 12 have long been set aside by the landlord for agricultural rent and this land has been left fallow for two years.

From time to time plot holders seek helpers (see email below) - who garden, without a charge, a portion of the plot for free in order to keep it in good condition.


Enquiries about helping a plot holder email:



Simon Grant

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