There are several playgrounds in Barrow, all containing different equipment. The playgrounds are to be found on Mill Lane, Willow Road, and King George V sports field off Beaumont Road.



Mill Lane playground

The playground on Mill Lane, has a junior four seat swing, four seat cradle swing, slide, Van Springer, Bike Springer, Cone climber, roundabout, rocking Rockette, toddler picnic table and chairs and play panels


Kings George V playground

King George V playground consists of an enclosed play area which contains a Venus roundabout, Hippo Springer, Ark Springer, seesaw, two seat cradle swing, Nexus freeride (this looks like a skateboard suspended by chains) and a Bravo unit. In the unfenced area of King George V there is a youth shelter, high seating, graffiti board, and a basketball court.

In 2018, the playground received a make-over. Click here for a slide show.


Willow Road Playground (1)

On the main recreation ground in Willow Road, there is an enclosed area containing a 4-seat Swing, Climbing Frame, Slide, Roundabout and a Junior Section with 2-seat Swing, Roundabout, Dual-Arm Swinger and Playhouse.


Willow Road Playground (2)

In the unfenced area there is a Hard-core Games Court, Zip-wire, Climbing Pole and Cradle Swing.


Willow Road Playground (3)

This is a small, junior playground located centrally along Willow Road and there is a Roundabout, Rabbit Springer, 2-seat House Springer, Climbing Activity Centre with slide and a 2-seat Swing.

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