Wildflowers around the Village

Wildflowers in Verges:

Wild About Barrow has officially adopted its first verge to increase native wildflowers and encourage other wildlife to flourish.  Barrow has joined the Blue Campaign for rewilding Britain, along with over 40 other Leicestershire parishes.

The verge is located at the Cotes Road/Willow Road roundabout and looks out onto the Soar valley.

Latest News:

July 2021: In June Catherine Hand of NatureSpot and Alison Rushton from Wild About Barrow surveyed the site and found a total of 32 wildflower species which 
represents a good diversity for a verge of this size. Read about the visit here or click the pages below:


Read the official Survey and Management Recommendations Report from NatureSpot and Leicestershire County Council here

You can also read about the new NatureSpot website page for Barrow below or to visit the Barrow upon Soar Parish page, look for the parish menu links on the NatureSpot home page (www.naturespot.org.uk).


Earlier News:

In January 2021 the Parish Council agreed to Wild About Barrow taking on its management. In early February 21, Leicestershire County Council put blue heart plaques on the verge to mark the site as being managed for wildlife and as a reminder not to cut the grass.  Read all about it here


Wildflowers in Millennium Park:


Feb 20 - We made a start to revive the existing wildflower area in Millennium Park (Melton Road/Fishpool Way corner). We've cut back some overgrowing branches and bramble and started to clear some grass away in order to scatter some wildflower seeds in early April.  Some more preparation work will be done in a few weeks time.  The branches, bramble and grass has been used to create a new wildlife habitat area nearby to provide shelter for a range of insects and small mammals. A Report of progress to date can be found here.

We are also planning on creating a new wildflower area on the grassy slopes on Fishpool Way. When we have prepared an area and confirmed the date we will be inviting local children to help scatter some seeds with us.

April 20: CV19 Restrictions prevented us from scattering the seeds. We have made plans to do this in Spring 21


March 21: We are preparing the areas for sowing by scarifying the moss and some grass away. All areas should be sown before the end of the month if the weather allows. Small plaques will be put in place to clearly identify these areas

Read all about the efforts from our volunteers here



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