Our visit to Marans in 2018

Extract from the article by Val Gillings in the Autumn 2018 edition of Barrow Voice.

”In June 2018, thirty four members travelled to Marans for our bi-annual visit. Three couples who were new to the group stayed with French hosts who were also new to the twinning.

A varied programme had been arranged for us starting with taking a ferry to Ile d’Aix which we explored on foot. We enjoyed a tasty lunch at the Les Paillotes restaurant.

The following day we visited the delightful Chateau de la Roche Courbon, including having a picnic under the shade of mature trees in the chateau grounds; see pictures below.

On Sunday we were taken to see how the lowland marsh area known as the Marais Poitevin was created and managed through until the present. The tourist information office at Chaille-les-Marais gave a slideshow presentation, followed by a tour of the Maison du Maitre de Digues museum.

The final organised trip was a guided tour of the commercial port of La Rochelle known as La Pallice. This included going into the WW II German submarine base which is within the port complex.

Yet another excellent and memorable exchange visit.

Please read the full article in Issue 153, Autumn 2018 edition of Barrow Voice.


You may have spotted someone with carrot sticks in their nostrils so the following picture puts Francis in a better light!

Also adding one of the missing persons.





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