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In 1987 the Club undertook, as a service to the community, to cultivate and maintain 'Jerusalem' traffic island in the centre of Barrow. The object has been to create all the year round interest with variations in colour, form and texture. This has been an exercise in co-operation as well as imaginative effort. The Club welcomes interest in participation by new members.

A host of golden daffodils!
A host of golden daffodils

In the Autumn of 2007 Sylvia retired from running the florist shop in the village. She had some hyacinths and daffodil bulbs left over and very kindly donated them to the garden on Jerusalem Island. These provided such a splash of colour that, since then, the gardeners have planted several more and in this photo it is April 2016 and the spring bulbs are looking absolutely stunning! What a bright and cheerful sight after the long winter months. Thank you for thinking of us Sylvia and giving us inspiration!

The shrubs that were hard cut back last Autumn are also flourishing, as we knew they would and are thanking us for the opportunity to renew their foliage with bright colours of yellow and lime green.

Something to watch out for ... in the Summer, Barrow upon Soar is planning to hold open gardens again raising money for local charities. Those of us who tend the garden on the island as volunteers are hoping to enter the island into the open garden weekend. So, those who venture across the road to take a closer look will be in for a treat! We will be selling plants for the benefit of  Rainbows Children's Hospice too. Watch this space!

Visitors and new members are very welcome!

Meetings of the Barrow upon Soar Gardening Club from March 2019 are held in the Library on North Street, beginning at 7:30pm on the third Wednesday of each month between September and May. These are generally about plant related topics and in many instances speakers bring specimen plants for sale after the meeting. See the link below for the planned programme for this season.

The Gardening Club try to arrange local visits to a place of interest or garden during a June evening and, if numbers permit, an annual coach day outing to an outstanding garden at a greater distance is arranged for July.

Visitors are WELCOME at all meetings.

The club has occasionally provided a venue for BBC Radio Leicester's programme Down to Earth.

Meet: THIRD Wednesday of the month

Contact:  01509 812213

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