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Welcome to LMDS and the world of history.

We are a friendly, like minded, group who share a love of the past and everything that goes with it. Based in the heart of Leicestershire we enjoy meeting up on a regular basis and discovering Leicestershire's past in its many fields and pastures. Although we are a private group, anyone is welcome to join us at the Barrow upon Soar Conservative Club on North Street where we meet up on the first Thursday in every month. There you will find a warm welcome from all our members, and if you love history and love this great hobby, then come along and meet us and share a pint and some food in a relaxing atmosphere.

A handful of coins

We often have speakers and our local FLO in attendance to record and identify our many finds. We donate all funds to local charities and run numerous raffles with this in mind.

Please come along and introduce yourself / say hello and see what the Leicestershire past was like.

If you are a landowner/ farmer and you are interested in discovering what history lays beneath your fields please don't hesitate to contract us and we can arrange a meeting at your convenience.

Tony Williams
Nigel Williams

Every 1st Thursday of the month, we meet at:
Barrow upon Soar Conservative Club
14 North Street
Barrow Upon Soar
LE12 8QA

Contacts: Chairman: Tony Williams

Landowners please contact: 07809 847108

For Membership Requests and/or general queries please email:

Previous Meetings & News

September and October 2019 - Latest News

Well that was a busy month! Multiple digs, great finds and great banter.

Firstly thank you to all who attended the last meeting and celebrated Tony's birthday. I think he had a sore head the next morning :)

The latest dig was an unknown quantity as we travelled further afield ('scuse the pun) to a new farm who recently invited us to search the land. Some good finds popping up including another hammered coin for one lucky member (two digs on the trot now) and also one member who recently joined the hobby finding their first coin - well done!

The new farm showed promise. A few roman coins were unearthed which could indicate the presence of a roman site somewhere close-by and we'eve been asked by many members if we can return to check out the other fields. Tony will be checking with the landowner shortly so as usual, keep an eye on the Facebook page for more info.

Are you a landowner? do you have a passion for history or simply curious to find out what/if anything historical may have once occurred on your land? Are you trying to locate a building that once stood in your fields? Or have you lost a previous item? If yes, and you'd be happy to have us search your land get in touch with Tony to find out how we can help each other enjoy fruits of this hobby. Details at the top of this page.

See you out there folks!


September 2019 - Latest News

Well, it has been busy hasn't it! Four digs on the trot and on new fields. Some have been more productive than others but that's what you get with new land - the unknown! But that's the fun about metal detecting, you never know what you're going to find. It cab be lead, a button, aluminium, another button, another piece of lead and then book - hammered coin!

Well done to the lucky finders on recent digs. We've seen roman and medieval coinage along with artefacts of all ages dating back to the bronze age!!! It's out there folks!

A big Thank You to Jed for another amazing talk and display on what the Romans did for us at our last meeting. It was a great turnout so thank you everyone for making the evening a great one.

Dig news... We have just secured another new farm. Tony will be visiting the fields over the next few weeks to see if we can arrange a dig.

On that note, the next dig is likely to be Sunday 29th September so get your batteries charged up.

See you all soon! 


August and September 2019 - Latest News

Well a quiet start to the August but it was nice to see a lot of members at the monthly meeting. Your attendance is really appreciated.

And, what about that last dig eh? Some cracking coins found. Well done to the lucky finders.

The next dig is technically September - yup that's right next dig IS this Sunday (1st Sept) so make sure you pop by the Facebook page to find out more details. Any non-members wishing to join or find out more please contact Tony (details above).

Right, lastly, Septembers monthly meeting will be on Thursday 5th so make sure you get there for 7pm. Again, any non-members wanting to find out more please contact Tony. And REMEMBER folks, we have a guest speaker attending to talk about "What did the Romans do for us?" so please make sure you get there early :)

GL and HH folks!

July 2019 - Latest News

Well, it's been a quiet few weeks but there's light at the end of the tunnel as farmers are starting to cut the grass and before you know it crops will start getting harvest. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for latest dig news!

Thank you to everyone who contributed and came along to our club meeting last night. The night went well with the raffle making nearly £70 for charity and also we said our goodbye and good luck to Wendy who is moving onto pastures new. Wendy has been fantastic as Leicestershire FLO and has also been supportive of our club. We wish her well but hopefully this isn't a 'goodbye' as we hope to see Wendy again in the future as she has offered to do some talks for us. What a star!

Right, so as stated keep an eye on the Facebook page for latest dig news and also set Thursday 8th August in your diaries for the next club meeting!

May 2019 - Early June - Latest News

Well, slow and steady has really paid off for some lucky members recently. With fields in short supply this time of year and the dry conditions to boot it's understandable that the finds rate has slowed a little. It happens every year as those with their own permissions are fully aware of.

However, that said, recent digs have seen items dating from Celtic, Roman, Medieval through to modern times all make an appearance with the odd bucket lister too so well done you lucky few!

Not much news at present. The LMDS crew are in contact with our landowners and farmers for the next dig so keep your eyes peeled on the Facebook page.

And REMEMBER......... next meetings is on Thursday July 4th so please booked that in your diary!

April 2019 - Latest News

Well done to all finders at the last dig! Some lovely coins popped up to which a special mention goes out to Chris for finding his first ever hammered, a nice one at that too! Well done chap :)

Finds dating from Roman, Saxon, Medieval through to medieval times made an appearance!

Next Dig TBC - keep an eye on the Facebook page.

Wendy will be at the next meeting to record your finds so please dust off any that haven't yet been logged. 

March 2019 - Latest News v3

Great weather brought great finds at the last dig. Finds ranged from Celtic, Medieval through to modern times and they were varied too. Coinage, everyday items and military related object made an appearance. Find of the day had to go to Dale for his Celtic Sword Pommel - well done all!

Thanks to all those who attended this months meeting. A reminder that Wendy, the Leicestershire FLO will be present at our next meeting so bring in your finds for recording!

Next dig tbc- keep an eye on the event appearing on our Facebook page!

And lastly, if you haven;t already, see Andy asap to sort out your membership. Time is ticking!

Have fun and stay safe!


March 2019 - Latest News v2

Well done to everyone who found interesting items at the recent dig. With a lot of fields in crop fields are in short supply at present. It was tough going on rough arable however some of you got lucky indeed! With finds dating from modern back through medieval to Roman times it was certainly a field with a varied history.

Next Dig is this weekend!!! So if you haven't signed up, do so asap via our Facebook page > Events tab.

REMEMBER, next club meeting will be on Thursday 4th April!

GL and HH!

March 2019 - Latest News

Well, what a cracking dig we had just recently. The weather was beautiful which made they day very relaxing and enjoyable. The usual finds popped up from Tudor through, Georgian and Victorian. I'm sure everyone found a button or two! The early Georgian era buckles were nice and helped us understand the use of the fields in more modern times. A few silvers popped up - Well done - you know who you are!

Hole filling was much improved and would have been an encouraging sight to any landowner so well done on maintaining our good reputation for respecting the land we are so fortunate to detect.

This months meeting was buzzing. It was nice to see new faces! Hopefully you have now all got your memberships in! If not, get in touch with one of the LMDS Team asap!!!

Big mention for Wendy Scott, our FLO, who attended to record our finds. I hope you kept her busy!

The next dig is likely to be weekend commencing 16th/17th March so keep an eye out on the Facebook page for further news!

Until next time.... Happy Hunting!

February 2019 - Latest News

What a great club meeting last night with good banter with a great bunch of people. Thank you to all turned up. It was nice to see a few new faces too! As you know it was membership renewal last night so appreciate the speedy form filling. Membership cards etc should be sorted for next meeting.

On that note, the next meeting is an IMPORTANT one. Not only is it membership and insurance collection (and payment of course) but we have a guest - Wendy Scott, our very own Leicestershire Finds Liaison Officer will be joining us so if you have any finds you'd like to get recorded or would like something to be ID'd then bring it along as Wendy will log on the night (yes you can take your finds home again). Let's have a good turn out for this one - it should be as it's been a while since Wendy popped over.

Also, at the next meeting we have a guest speaker so please arrive promptly to get the best seats!

Next Dig - Keep an eye out guys as Tony is looking to host a dig over weekend 16/17th Feb - actual date TBC so keep an eye on the Facebook page for confirmation.

More good news - Tony and Co. have visited two new farms who have given us the green light to detect. This is great news as you will all know so keep an eye out for new lands to play on shortly.

More news should be forthcoming shortly regarding the Victorian garden dig. Keep 'em posted people!

See you all soon!

January 2019 - Latest News v2

A good start to the year was had by many as our pasture dig brought up objects from the medieval period through to modern. One area threw up lots of Tudor era objects which clearly lent to the idea that a house once stood on a platform in one of the fields.

The majority of the finds were late Tudor, Georgian and Victorian era and were very deep. This indicated that older items were likely to be much deeper and out of range of most detectors. That said some people were lucky enough to find Medieval coins and as always, we were out in the fresh air so that's a bonus!

  • Remember, next dig will be on Sunday 20th Jan.
  • Next meeting will be Thursday 7th Jan, 7:15 as usual.

Peter Liddle is doing a talk at Melon Carnegie Museum on Wed 16th Jan on the Dark Ages. Well worth going. £5 on the door. See Melton Carnegie Museum Facebook group, to book a place.

Happy digging!

January 2019 - Latest News

Happy New Year Everyone!

Welcome to the start of another history hunting new year which from the sounds of it will likely to be even more exciting than 2018! How can that be so!

Well, Tony and Co. have been contacted via this web page by three new landowners all wanting us to search their land. One is very exciting being situated in and around a very medieval village. We've been tasked to try and find the original village so things should get interesting.

Before I mention the last dig, here's some dates for your diaries...

Friday 4th Jan - Dig Day - check Facebook group for details

Next dig will be Sunday 20th Jan - details will posted asap on the FB page.

Next meeting (useful for potential new members to pop along) will be Thursday 7th Feb.

Right, moving on... the last dig day was pretty special and a lot of people found history alright!!! The image below shows just some of the items that popped up. Items from Roman, Saxon medieval through to the Victorian era all made an appearance even a silver thimble that still eludes Tony to this day. A couple of special mentions to Makka who bagged a lovely gold medieval coin and also to Jim on finding his first ever hammered coin. Well done everyone!

See you on the next dig!



December 2018 - Latest Dig News

A tough but rewarding day out at our last dig. Some lucky people went away with a hammered or roman coin. Lots of modern popped up and to top it off a lovely, personal, medieval seal.

Next dig will be Saturday 29th so keep an eye out on the Facebook page for more information.

Have a great Christmas everyone!

December 2018 - Latest News v2

A great night was had by all at our Christmas bash. Well done to all raffle winners and of course the table winning the Quiz.

Next dig is Sunday 16th December. It's the RED HAT DIG so if you have a Santa hat bring it along. Be sure to check out our Facebook group for the event and signup asap.

And lastly, from the LMDS Team, have a great Christmas everyone!

December 2018 - Latest News

It's that festive time of the year again, whoohoo!

We have our Christmas club meeting on Thursday 6th December at 7.30pm with food laid on along with Red and White wine so please arrive promptly.

The annual Red Hat Dig looks likely to be our next dig and will be held on 16th December. If you have a red Santa hat please bring it along!

LMDS has been invited to dig a Victorian garden by a local charity. We're looking for volunteers therefore please respond to Tony's post on the Facebook page for further details.

Buttons League. Just for fun! Please let Darren know your button count for the last dig via Facebook so he can update the league table.

November 2018 - Latest Dig News

Well the last dig seemed to be a coin and spindle whorl day with many silvers popping up. The odd roman coin was found and with more new fields to check out in the area who knows what lies beneath!

November 2018 - Latest News

A quiet month so far but that's about to change!

  • Next dig is Sunday 25th. Please check and respond to the dig event on the Facebook group page, direct link .
  • LMDS has been invited to dig a Victorian garden by a local charity. We're looking for volunteers therefore please respond to Tony's post on the Facebook page for further details.

  • Next meeting, on the 6th December we'll be having a quiz. So, sharpen your knowledge surrounding the births, deaths and marriages of British rulers! Based on teams of 3-4, prizes will be awarded to the winning team including free dig passes!

  • Also, also, there will be a buffet laid on for all members so please put this date in your diary and come along!

  • Lastly, look out for the annual 'Red Hat Dig'. The day will no doubt bring the usual fun but also some surprises.


October 2018 - Latest Dig News

Following on from our monthly meet it was decided to re-visit some fields that had produced Roman, Saxon and medieval artefacts in the past.

With three fields to choose from finds once again popped up from various periods although Roman and Saxon eluded us this time. Instead a varied collection of finds appeared mainly from the medieval period to modern day.

One of our guests was extremely lucky to find three medieval coins and fine ones they are too! 

The light hearted button league table is now in full flow. Who will be the button champion of 2018? Those who are registered members can keep track via our Facebook page.

September 2018 - Latest Dig News v2

Another very busy dig as had and it wasn't for the faint of heart.  lively field revealing all sorts of finds mainly from Medieval through to modern day with the odd roman coin a single fibula brooch making an appearance.

Well done to Chris who found the gold ring on his Birthday of all days!!!!!!

REMEMBER - Club Meeting Night is upon us so hopefully see you at the club on Thursday 4th October.

September 2018 - Latest Dig News

Well, a varied day was had by all. Weather decided to be kind to us as a we explored two fields, one of which was new and the other that had revealed finds going back to the roman era on a previous dig.

Again, one field popped up a few roman coins, four hammered coins (one Scottish!) and the usual bits  whilst the new field revealed finds from the medieval period through to the Victorian era.

Our farmers were extremely happy at the organisation and how we conducted ourselves even commenting on superb hole filling. Well done all!


August 2018 - Latest Dig News

Well it's been a quiet month needing a lot of patience whilst the hot weather brings early harvest. Ground conditions in this unusually dry weather we've been having does appear to be having a negative effect on signals with them drying up like the soil. That said, mid-August saw us dig on lovely soft stubble with finds varying from Roman, Saxon up to modern day. 

New land has landed on our doorstep thanks to the work of the the LMDS Team so keep any eye out on the Facebook page for up-to-date dig news.

July 2018 - Monthly Meeting

The July meeting saw LMDS receive a talk from Leicestershire and Rutland FLO, Wendy Scott who elaborated on the Treasure process, the PAS scheme and some interesting finds logged on the PAS database. Thank you Wendy!

The raffle raised £37 which has gone to local charity 'Home for Heroes'.

Well done to the winners who received a free dig, bottle of whiskey and a bottle of Vodka.

The winner of the 'Guess how many coins' competition was Chris Dexter who receives a free dig!

And lastly, thank you Roman for the pictures :)




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