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Update November 2020

With more volunteers coming forward with their support and enthusiasm we have decided to become a 'constituted' group which will allow us to begin applying for funding to support our existing voluntary groups and to undetake more projects around the village.

These projects will hopefully benefit the village for years to come and can also form part of our entry into the annual East Midlands in Bloom Competition.

We formed a Partner Group with the Canal & River Trust in September 2020, and we will continue to form other partnerships with organisations such Charnwood Borough Council and Leicestershire County Council, as well as working with local groups and businesses.


Please contact the Parish Council on 01509 416016 or via email on if you wish to join this group.

Barrow in Bloom Projects

Find more information on our current projects here

Barrow Community Litter Pickers Group

We have 2 groups running, one is Adults only which tries to meet monthly to clear some of the grotty areas, and another group for Familys, which we will also try to arrange monthly meetings again, once restrictions allow.

See details about how to join the group and find reports from all our tasks here.  

Barrow Footpaths Group

We meet every two weeks, usually on a Thursday morning.

See details about how to join the group and find reports from all our tasks here.  

Update  April 2020

East Midlands in Bloom may have been cancelled due to COVID-19 restrictions but we have some good news to report. We have been successful in our application for funding for various groups and activities that fall under Barrow in Bloom. 

We were encouraged to apply to the Carling & Everards Made Local Fund by the Soar Bridge (where we have our post picking coffee and biscuits). We applied for funding to help with our Community Litter Picking Group and included details about our page on the village website where we list other Barrow in Bloom events, either those that have recently happened or are planned.  The team allocating the funding loved the ideas we have to improve the village so much that they have awarded us £750!!

Once all social distancing restrictions are lifted this will allow us to get as many of the events and plans underway again.  We have been able to buy a selection of basic items such as tools and seeds.  The funding has been broken down into the following areas:

Footpaths Group:

  • 3x Hedge Shears, 2x Soil Rake, 2x Brooms, 1x Shovel, 1x Spade, 1x Saw, 1x Bramble Slasher

Wildflower Seeds for Barrow in Bloom:

  • Butterfly and Bee Mix 1kg, Restore and Enrich Mix 1kg

Litter Picking Group:

  • 1x Garden Trolley, 5x Adult Litter Pickers and Hoops, 10x Adult Gloves and Hi Vis Vests

        #MadeLocal        @Carling        @SembleUK

We also have some Adults and Children's litter picking equipment on long-term loan from the Co-op Local Community Team

This includes Litter Pickers, Hoops, Gloves and Hi Vis vests.  Thank you Co-Op.


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